Lawn & Garden

Mid South Nursery carries the tools and products you need to establish and maintain a successful garden.

Garden Tools

We carry a wide variety of shovels, rakes, and other items you will need to establish or maintain a healthy yard. Protect yourself with our popular Tilley Hats and many styles of gloves.

Fertilizers and Insecticides

Feeding your plants, herbs, and vegetables are a requirement for them to remain healthy. Choose from our wide assortment of organic and traditional fertilizers for your plant’s overall nutrition. We will assist in the best ones for your individual needs.

Plants of all kinds attract insects which can damage the leaves and stems. We carry traditional and organic pesticides and fungicides to help keep your plants, trees, herbs, and vegetables pest free. Not sure what need? We can look at the damage and can help get the correct product to remedy the issue.

Dirt and Soils

Different plants and trees do well with different dirt and soil combinations. We will help pick the right combination needed so your plants stay healthy whether you are planting beds, gardens, or using containers. We also carry a red, black, and traditional mulch which helps keep moisture in the soil and reduce weeds in your beds.

Seeds & Bulbs

Want to start from scratch? We have a wide variety of seeds for organic vegetables and herbs. Our super popular, wide variety of flowering variety seeds by Renee's Garden and Seed Savers Exchange.

Brands we Carry

  • Ferti-lome
  • Hi-yield
  • Bonide
  • Fox Farms Organics
  • Baccto Soils
  • Black Kow Manure And Top Soil
  • Fafard Container Mix
  • Back To Nature Cotton Compost
  • Jacks Soluble Fertilizers
  • Above Listed Seed Suppliers