Pots & Water Fountains

Mid South Nursery Pots

Our Pots are glazed, frost proof and come from the orient (they will not flake and crumble like the unglazed Mexican pottery)

  • Large colorful selection
  • A wide assortment of sizes and shapes.
  • Our pots look great both indoors or outdoors.
  • Pots provide many uses: table supports, pedestals, water features (pot fountains)

Mid South Nursery Fountains

We carry a large selection of water fountains. Our fountains add the sound of water to landscapes, patios, etc. Water fountains are soothing, refreshing, and can help block noise.

Water fountains provide a "jewel-like" sparkle as you enjoy the sounds of running water in your landscape. Our fountains a highly durable and only require some care in the winter. Many of our fountains can be used indoors as well.

Fountains of Mid South Nursery