Individual Perennial Planting Pits

August 16th, 2017   Category: Planting Tips -

Dig the pit two to three times as wide and one and one-half times as deep as the pot that the perennial you got from us came in.

Blend amendment with the soil you excavated. Perennials need really good porous soils so amendment recommendations are critical. Generally, we would recommend adding BACK TO NATURE COTTON COMPOST in at least equal amounts of the excavated native soil. Other amendments or greater proportions of cotton compost may be called for depending on your specific plant choices and locations.

Before removing the plant from the pot, make sure that the root ball is thoroughly hydrated. Water if necessary. After removing the plant from the pot, check for matting of the root ball. Gently “Rough up” the root ball, if required.

Partially backfill the planting pit with amended soil and place the root ball where it is 1-2” above the original soil level. Add FERTI-LOME ROOT STIMULATOR to the partially planted perennial. Most quarts sized perennials would like about 1-2 quarts, and gallon sized perennials would like 2-3 quarts for mixed ROOT STIMULATOR.

Continue backfilling the pit with the amended soil, making sure to push the soil up to the sides of the root ball while not covering the crown. Top dress with your solid FERTI-LOME fertilizer choice as per label.

Add a layer of mulch, being careful to keep the mulch away from the stems

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